Mobile supply chain management software for informal micro-enterprises in emerging markets

4 out of 5 companies are informal micro-enterprises

What is PemPem?

PemPem builds mobile supply chain management software for micro-enterprises in commodity industries of developing and emerging economies.


Our mission is to support a transition out of the informal, cash-based economy into a digital, technology-based one that brings greater efficiency and profit to the value chain, traceability to the supply chain, and sustainability to the sector.

Why the informal economy?

60% of the global working population is employed informally and 4 out of 5 companies in the world are informal businesses.

These businesses still largely operate based on word-of-mouth information, using either personal memory or pen & paper as their only records. They do not have access to digital tools and organizational structures that help organizations thrive in today’s world. This comes with many downstream consequences, including lack of financial inclusion, missed economic opportunities, human rights abuses, a growing digital divide, and no supply chain transparency.


PemPem aims to close these divides through the tools it develops, and the doors that these tools open. 

Our product focuses on four key pillars:

  • Buyer-supplier marketplace

  • Micro-enterprise operations management

  • Micro-enterprise formalization & traceability

  • Micro-enterprise financing.


PemPem stems from Pemasok-Pembeli
Supplier-Buyer in the Indonesian language