PemPem now dynamically traces to village


*The figure shows all of the villages that supplied fruit to an illustrative mill in the PemPem database at least once over the 22-month period, Nov ’18 to Sept ’20, together with remaining forest cover. The sliding bar across the top shows one-month intervals over the period, with supplying villages during each month highlighted in pink. If you hover your mouse over villages, a pop up provides attribute data of the village, including the supply chain actor through which a supply link is established between village and mill (e.g. middleman, amprah farmer, ramp).

The user perspective

For each transaction that a user uploads, we use the transaction data at an individual transaction-level only when our user consents to using his data for traceability purposes. If he does not consent, then the data only enters his own transaction logs and PemPem only shares aggregated data. In exchange for sharing his data, the user receives % of the fee that PemPem receives from a buyer of the traceability data.

The PemPem Handshake

When a member of the informal smallholder supply chain records a transaction on PemPem, the other party to the transaction needs to confirm the transaction through a digital handshake referred to as a PemPem Handshake. Once both parties confirm the transaction, it gets locked and uploaded to the transaction ledger of both parties.