Joann de Zegher

Founding President

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Passionate about improving the operations and transparency of informal systems across the world, Joann combines her expertise in operations management and over 10 years of field work in informal systems to help build everything that PemPem is.

Jean-Karim Metwalli

Chief Technology Officer

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JK is a leader and focalizer of technical teams that build and scale cloud applications, mobile apps, and client software. He is deeply passionate about thinking through products from the user’s perspective. With over 20 years of experience  and a good sense for business, he bridges the gap between business and technology.

Angela Sujadi

Chief Marketing Officer

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Angela leads PemPem’s field operations and partnerships in South East Asia by building on her unique combination of skills; in previous lives, she was an award-winning social entrepreneur leading community projects in Indonesia and has managed multi-million global brands in Unilever.

Louis-Martin Rousseau

VP, Technology Partnerships

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LM applies his success in serial entrepreneurship and global expertise in supply chain optimization to realize PemPem’s vision of bringing world-class AI tools to the informal economy. 

Godwin Limberg

Co-founder & Chief Field Officer

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With over 30+ years of experience in community engagement and conservation efforts in informal communities in Indonesia and Africa, Godwin brings in-depth expertise and critical context to how informal communities operate. 

Gary Paoli

Co-founder & Advisor, Traceability

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Recognized expert on traceability in commodity supply chains of multinational companies & veteran leader of multi-stakeholder approaches, Gary brings 30+ years of expertise to PemPem’s mission of providing real-time traceability to our clients.

Philippe Guay

Senior Software Engineer

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Philippe is a software engineer with a background in physics. He’s passionate about solving problems at the intersection of scalable, distributed systems and artificial intelligence.

Simon Sutrado

Field Coordinator

    As the leader of our field team, Simon brings 4 years of demonstrated leadership skills in managing and leading field teams in some of the most challenging circumstances of rural Indonesia.

    Kamal Azougagh

    Senior Software Developer

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    Kamal is passionate & experienced in creating high quality mobile Apps that make people’s lives easier. He brings over 7 years of experience as a software developer and a commitment to community development and mentoring.

    José Rose

    Senior Software Engineer

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    José is an expert in web-based applications. Born in Nicaragua as part of a family operating in informal coffee systems, José also brings a more personal perspective to the development of PemPem technology for informal markets. 

    Joko Prestiwo

    Field Vice-Coordinator

      As our vice field coordinator, Joko brings a sharp mind and deep commitment to the PemPem field team. He feels most at home in the field, supporting our users and mentoring our field agents. 

      James McCullough

      QA Manager

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      James brings 10+ years of experience as a QA professional, providing and fostering a quality mindset and industry best practices within an organization. Juxtaposed between the development of a product and its end results, he is committed to delivering software that works for the user.

      lka Febrianti

      Field Agent

      Assodiqi Hidayatullah

      Field Agent

      Safri Juliyanda Hasibuan

      Field Agent

      Rezki Harahap

      Field Agent

      PemPem was born out of years of in-depth field work in informal supply chains in multiple geographies; we observed a critical need to address inefficiencies and saw first-hand how technologies that performed well in the lab or in the city failed when brought to remote areas. We decided to change this. The stories and needs we hear, see, and live in the field inspire our technology, and our technology inspires a digital revolution in the field.